rivertam is an IRC bot written by Cadynum in haskell. Be nice to her for she has quite a temper!

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LICENSE: AGPLv3 - GNU Affero General Public License v3


  • Access System (Levels: Master, User, Peon, Mute)
  • Tremded Parser (Send a message to IRC from the server and vice versa)
  • Flame/Love - What can be more humiliating than having an irc bot insult you?
  • Tremulous Master Polling - Find tremulous players, list online clan-players, get current scores from a server, get statistics based on cvars. All within 1.5s!
  • Clanwars Tracker - Saves clangames to a database, Generates a variety of statistics. Clangames are easily added with a brief command in irc.
  • Clanlist - Keep track of clans. Integrates with clanwars and tremulous commands.
  • Memos - Send a message to someone when any sign of life is seen.



  • Christoffer Öjeling "Cadynum" - <cadynum attt gmail doet com>

Thanks to

  • Twey - Haskell support
  • Raf - Helping me learn Haskell
  • OddRaw - Bughunting
  • MG & benmachine - git repository
  • Entroacceptor - Bughunting, bot hosting, SQL support