Welcome to our clan page...

We are a group of Tremulous players that decided to form a clan in March 2008. After a long time of inactivity of two of our players we finally became active in 2009. We are looking for more teamplay, more tactics and more challenge than you can experience in public games. Talk to us, or see you in-game!


24.08.2014 Graphs

While configuring a new backup solution with git annex assistant I found some unpublished plots lying around. It's been 3 years since our last update, so its about time to post something anyway. The plots were made in 2013, but given the level of activity they are still fresh!

— Yours truly, Cadynum

Tremulous 1.1:

Tremulous GPP:

28.08.2011 DDOS finishing first in Summer Olympics '11!

With 37 rounds won, 1 draw and 2 losses, DDOS today won the final game against Xenocide in the Summer Olymipics '11 tournament for Tremulous GPP.
We thank every participating clan for all the fun games and kharnov for organizing the tournament.


  1. DDOS
  2. Xenocide
  3. Pk

11.03.2011 Happy birthday!

As of this Friday, ddos is three years old! Quoting Cadynum:

"DDOS is still sticking together with everyone present at IRC, the exception being raf. Besides the occasional game of Tremulous, Starcraft 2 and Killing Floor is what's taking up most of our gaming time. We've played 15 clanwars since our last birthday, which is roughly half of what that number was the previous year (29)."

Happy birthday!

10.08.2010 HamStar joined!

We like to welcome HamStar into our team! Yay!

11.03.2010 Our BIRTHDAY!

By Thursday, the eleventh day of March, ddos will be two years old. Come and celebrate with us! We'll play some nice games, eat a cake and generally will have a nice amount of fun. Starting 18:00 UTC, on the ~~> ddos ~~< (GPP)-server (ddos-tremulous.eu:30722).

30.12.2009 Page cleanup

I've just did some cleanup of the projects page and the member list. Now Es is even older!

23.12.2009 Balance mod started

Instead of just complaining about the tremulous development, we started a balance mod. Some info on the projects page.

19.09.2009 Projects page!

Something about the interesting stuff we did. Get it at the projects page.

28.08.2009 Meisseli got a new picture!

Meisseli got a new picture on the members page.

11.08.2009 We got a homepage now!

After hours of hacking, discussing, flaming and awesomeness we finally present our homepage.